Akvilon Radiant Systems

Cool Ceilings
Underfloor Heating

Hydronic capillary tube technology
Free of viruses and bacteria
Cost-saving energy efficiency
No noise, dust or drafts
Maintains optimal humidity level
How it works
Three ways to employ
our radiant system
Quiet and smooth natural cooling without noise, drafts or viruses. Hidden system without any visible or bulky indoor units.
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Soft, evenly distributed and comfy heating. Low profile installation. Rapid thermal response. Direct connection to heat pump.
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For optimal comfort and efficiency we have the additional option to include wall cooling/heating into the system.
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Radiant systems are suitable for all types of construction and renovation
Residential and Private
Homes, villas, townhouses, apartments and condominiums.
Office and Commercial
Business centers, shopping malls, fitness centers, technological and industrial buildings.
Medical and Educational
Hospitals, clinics, medical centers, universities, schools and kindergartens.

8 benefits
of Radiant Systems
  • 1. Health
    Supports good health without circulating viruses and bacteria.
  • 2. Peace and quiet
    Runs silently without any interference.
  • 3. Safety
    No leaks or condensation.
  • 4. Reliability and durability
    20 years of warranty. Up to 50 years of life cycle of capillary tube mats.
  • 5. Creative for the interior
    Hidden installation, thickness 10 mm on any surface.
  • 6. No maintenance
    Capillary tube mats do not require any maintenance.
  • 7. Energy efficiency and economy
    Low using cost and energy saving.
  • 8. Sustainability and innovation
    Possibility to use alternative low-potential sources of heat and cold.
Technology for everyone
Every person or professional
in construction and renovation
will find the personal advantages
to use Akvilon Radiant Systems
Builders and Constructors
Developers and investors
Installers of engineering systems
–°apillary tube mats
–°apillary tube mats is a basic part of Akvilon Radiant Systems. It's consisting of thin polypropylene tubes 4.5 mm diameter each, assembled into a single mat with a 1.5-2 cm steps.

Capillary tube mats are mounted on the ceiling in plaster or metal cassettes and into the floor screed or into plastered wall.

The system is connected to the chiller/heat pump via a closed hydraulic circuit with cold or hot water circulation.

Radiant systems fundamentally do not use air as a coolant, but directly cool or heat all surfaces and objects in the room, including the surface of the human body.

This is create a feeling of true natural indoor comfort climate.
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